From 27th March to 3rd April, Brosway will be presenting its exclusive, refined jewel and watch creations at Baselword 2014.

The trademark belongs to the Bros Manifatture Group and is renowned for its intense creativity, always presenting new products to a transversal public. Basel will be unveiling both the zirconia-embellished silver 925 collections like Icons, Melody and Brigitte, as well as new products in steel 316L, such as the floral Jasmine and the romantic Rever and Heartbeat.

The brightly coloured watches, named Gitana, will be an unprecedented revelation, as will the new restyled versions of best-sellers T.color and Be Crazy.

The brand comes to Basel boasting an excellent position and good growth on the Germany market, thanks to the development of effective communication on the sales outlet and initiatives and events promoted by the company, with its extensive experience on the Italian visual merchandising market. New markets, which have only recently been approached, like that of the Middle East, are performing well thanks to a shop-in-shop sales system and excellent sell-out responses. Basel therefore looks set to become an essential part of the schedule of this brand as it branches out to internationalisation.

New Color Tring and Très Jolie Compositions

From the most glamour collections of Brosway Jewels, are born new fascinating and chromatic games, for a fashion and custom look. A universe of colours that evoke emotions, stories of daily life and memories of an elegant and graceful world. From the delicate pastel tones to the stronger ones, shiny compositions chases in sophisticated shades creating unique and precious jewels.

Style suggestions to always be perfect and overwhelmingly chic!

Pink Combination

Blue Combination

Black leather Combination

Coloured Combination

Spirit Collection

From the Indian mithology, jewels able to capture dreams. Talismans that release positive energy and safeguard deep meanings. Live again the dreamcatcher legend.
316L stainless steel, gold pvd and black glitter


New ring Tring

Brightly colored, versatile, fashionable, playful, charming. They are the undisputed Must Have of Brosway and renew your look to better express the desire to make you shine. The new rings Tring present with colorful Swarovski stones and larger. Two versions of stones, square and round, each with its own meaning. Modular rings made ​​of steel, rose gold pvd and black pvd. Many new models to choose from based on the look, character or to a particular time. A proposal of sparkling rings that can be bought and worn singly or three, but still better suited to be combined into the original triptychs that make each piece of jewelery unique and customizable. Absolutely chic and glamorous!