An unespected success, gained by the video contest dedicated to mother’s day, launched by the jewelry brand Brosway, “For you that are special, every day”. 39 video realized by talented partecipans that throught short movies , original attracting have expressed the universal value of being mother.

Among these, the brand Brosway has selected 6 videos, pointed out for their original, emotional way. They have received 10.000 € as prize award: “With eyes”, “Very small Moments”, “How to thank you”, “Maternity Sounds”, “SuperMom”, “First Time”.

The winner video “With eyes” by Davide Raia has its protagonist a young mon with green hair. This has hit the web and has become viral at once catching 12 milions views. It will be the one forecast on TV from 1st May until the mother’s day. A creation that melts creativity and love with the final goal to tell a nice story in which every mom can reflect and feel protagonist herself.







Celebrate your Mum with a jewels

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Who says mom says Love, Sweetness and Beauty, but he also says Super Woman! A single woman as unique is its power to give life.
An ever-present figure, always ready to meet every need of his family. It is not yet known how I can accomplish every day, amazing companies,
but at the end of the day she is perfect: it is able to rule the house, to go to work, and to bring back the children from school, to bring them to dance / football,
washing, ironing, preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a chat with her friends, all made with love and dedication.
A super woman, in short, so it can be cast in a Marvel film!
On this day dedicated to you, therefore, you can say to her thanks with a precious gift that portrays in his being and that makes her feel a queen.
Ribbon, with its bronze weaves perfectly reflects his typical day, while the shine of zircons are synonymous of its unique energy and inimitable.
Greetings Mom!

A present for a special woman. Thanks mum!

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Mother’s day is one of the most treasured days of the year. We celebrate it both in our private lives and online in social networks, where it is so rewarding to share those unique, powerful emotions we feel towards those amazing women – our mothers!

“A present for a special woman. Thanks mum.”

Participate with a video that communicates the universal value of being a mother in an emotional and distinctive way.We are looking for that fresh, surprising and energetic human side, typical of young mothers. They are constantly able to confirm their role by representing life, love, joy and happiness, but also representing determination, pain and a challenging attitude.Take part to this call for video by Userfarm for the famous jewelry brand Brosway with an original video with high viral potential, able to arouse people’s emotions on the day when all mothers of the world are celebrated.
Deadline: 8th April 2016


Brosway at Baselworld 2016

Baselworld Brosway_news

From 17th March to 24th March 2016 we look forward to Baselworld , one of the most important events in the Jewellery sector . Brosway will be present at the World Exhibition of jewels and the most prestigious and renowned watches to show its latest creations .


“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.”
– Thomas Merton, Love and Living
Just a kind gesture can change your life.

Look the new Spot Brosway So Special: Love always finds a way