New ring Tring

Brightly colored, versatile, fashionable, playful, charming. They are the undisputed Must Have of Brosway and renew your look to better express the desire to make you shine. The new rings Tring present with colorful Swarovski stones and larger. Two versions of stones, square and round, each with its own meaning. Modular rings made ​​of steel, rose gold pvd and black pvd. Many new models to choose from based on the look, character or to a particular time. A proposal of sparkling rings that can be bought and worn singly or three, but still better suited to be combined into the original triptychs that make each piece of jewelery unique and customizable. Absolutely chic and glamorous!

TRING: Brosway’s new rings that you create

Colorful, versatile, trendy, playful, glamorous. These are the new Must Have by Brosway: Tring New Collection.
Rings that you create made of steel and zircon gemstones, natural stones, Swarovski crystals, Swarovski pearls and ceramic.
Many meanings and styles to choose from based on looks, personality or a particular moment. Endless combinations that tell the stories of our lives!